We are happy to hold the ninth meeting of our congress with remote access/online presentation in Istanbul. Our congress is held with the participation and support of many national and international student clubs. It is also supported by many public institutions, including many public and private universities. It will be in the form of scientific presentation of national and international studies prepared in different fields and disciplines with the principle of a multi-faceted participation in our congress. Oral and poster papers, which after evaluated by scientists who are experts in their fields and found appropriate to be presented after this evaluation, will be presented at our congress. Our congress provides the opportunity to present all kinds of academic and non-academic scientific studies. Our congress hosts studies prepared in all branches of science and disciplines with a multidisciplinary approach. In our congress, which is held regularly every year, valuable scientists who have contributed to the field will take part as guests. We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your interest and support in advance. We hope to meet you again in the next meeting of our congress and we wish the best to all our participant.

Best regards.

Congress Chair

Ozan DÜZ

stanbul Aydn University, Faculty of Architecture and Design - Türkiye